Dynamic, extensible and fascinating, Famous Quotes contains over 17,500 quotes from some of the most fascinating, learned, wise, stupid, eccentric and weird people who have ever lived on the planet. Keep track of your favorite intriguing quotations with Famous Quotes. This comprehensive database includes quotations from famous politicians such as Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, George W. Bush, literary giants such as Franklin, Keats, Emerson, Wilde, Byron and Burns, notable figures such as Ted Turner and Bill Gates, actors from the past and present such as Woody Allen, Humphrey Bogart and Groucho Marx, along with historic figures like Plato, Aristotle or Archimedes. Plus many many more. Famous Quotes has been designed to conveniently organize all your quotes and find the right quote quickly and easily when you need it. Have you been scouring through books looking for that elusive quote on politics? Simply type 'politics' into the integrated search screen and all the quotes containing the word 'politics' will be at your fingertips. Then you can edit, print, copy, categorize or sort all the quotes you have found. There is a separate field for entering a quote in its native tongue. You can enter information regarding the source of the quote or store any information you require in the 'note' field. You can assign a category or multiple categories to any of your quotes. For example, a quote may be both funny and political, so you would categorize it as both 'humorous' and 'political'. Then, when you do a search for 'humor' it will be found, likewise when you search for 'political' it will also be found. Ultimate versatility!
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