Piera-Zone is an examination software, which makes conducting exams easy and free. By free we mean both free of cost and free of malpractices. Piera-Zone has been created by keeping individual use in mind, but we do provide a basic setup for an institution with a basic hierarchy who would like to have a login and log of user activity Students (examinee) can not switch windows during the exam, doing so may lead to immediate termination of the exam without prior warning, thus reducing a possibility of malpractice. Teachers (examiners) can create exams by giving basic details and the rest is automated. Sharing the exam with the students can be done by sharing a single file via any means. Teachers (examiners) can evaluate the results with a tap of a button which automatically generates shareable PDF results that can be shared with the students by any means or use our built in feature to send it via email whenever they wish to. They can also modify the exam key and re-evaluate as many times as they wish to. Exams can be conducted without the need to have internet connection as all the processes happen locally. An attempt to email the responses of the students (examinee) will be made to the email ID provided during the exam creation, but if the internet is disconnected, this feature has been disabled during exam creation or any other reason of failure of the same, student can find a local copy of their responses which can be shared later by any means as instructed. All the results after final evaluation are stored in the database, which can be viewed through our application and can also be exported as an excel file. Students (examinee) have a choice to mark questions for review during the exam which can later be visited and revised. Color indicators have been used to indicate if they have seen the question but haven't attempted, attempted the question by marking/entering an answer, attempted and marked for review and unattempted and marked for review. They can navigate to any question using the navigation pane consisting of option menus for the same. Questions of type single correct answer and multiple correct answer (out of 4 options), numerical and/or a combination of all is facilitated. Easily switch between usage type of individual or an organisation. Exams and reading the instructions before an exam are time bound as specified during the exam creation, after which the exam will auto submit and launch the exam respectively.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.2.1
Operating System Windows 10, Windows 2003, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows XP
System Requirements None