1. What is it: Tutorle is a free Windows Phone application to help learn information quickly, making it easy to learn new foreign languages, SAT words, and more. 2. How it works: Tutorle helps you save new terms you see in language courses, college classes, and unfamiliar articles. You can organize these words into dictionaries by subject - Tutorle will even find translations for language terms automatically! 3. Training modes: Once you have added a dictionary, you can call up a quiz to review the subject. The program includes three quiz types: Flash cards - See a key term, try to recall the meaning. Multiple choice test - Select the correct answer to match your term. Spelling Test - Produce the needed word with correct spelling. All of these tests can be reversed, so either the meaning or term is initially provided. 4. Repository: Tutorle also offers you online storage at http://tutorle.com This lets you store and use dictionaries created on your smartphone and web browser interchangeably. It even has many pre-made dictionaries ready for download! 5. New in version 2.2: New to this version, Tutorle can pronounce words as you add them and substitute sound for text in its quizzes. It can also open a dictionary slideshow, progressing through terms and allowing you to review your dictionary hands-free. 6. Conclusion In today's world, it is hard to find enough spare time to study a foreign language or any other new subject; let Tutorle help you pick up a new skill quicker than ever before!
Operating System Windows Mobile Windows Mobile Mobile
System RequirementsWindows Phone 7