Group Machine is a application that can form groups from a list of names, or select one random name at a time from this list. You determine the group size from either how many students you want in a group or from how many groups you want to exist. When creating groups, it takes away the burden of debating with the students about who should be together or in certain groups. It also removes the angst of individual students of (not) being chosen by fellow students or from having to position themselves into a desirable group. Advantages: Takes away your burden of debating with the students about who are in which group. No more anxiety amongst students of (not) being chosen by fellow students. Makes the group-creation into a fun thing for teacher and students alike. Saves time that you can use on teaching or beginning the assignment. Makes students more productive as they all have a chance of being picked out by the Group Machine. Works on any computer with Excel installed. You don't need to save or load when you close or start up. Features: Can import whole lists of names at a time from Excel - create a class in 10 seconds. Can automatically form groups from a list of names. Can deselect students that are not present. Can define group sizes from number of students in a group or number of groups to create. Can pick individual students. Records when students are randomly picked - go through a whole class, one student at a time. Remembers everything as it's closed and auto-loads it on startup.
Price USD11.85
License Free to try
File Size 195.75 kB
Version 1.0
Operating System Windows 2000 Windows Windows 7 Windows Server 2008 Windows Vista Windows XP Windows 2003
System Requirements Microsoft Excel 2003