Tabula is a new multi-platform geometry program designed for both the classroom and the hobbyist. Like many other dynamic geometry programs, Tabula can be used to construct figures by using tools to define relationships. But Tabula offers a unique set of manipulation tools that allows for construction and exploration by folding, cutting, and taping. Figures can be folded to form bisectors, diagonals, chords. Also unique to Tabula is the use of snapping to build dynamic relationships. For example, a point can be snapped to the midpoint of a segment and remain at the midpoint even as the segment is transformed. Teach the use of instruments like the compass, ruler, and protractor with working models. There are many tools built in to get you started--tools for midpoints, ellipses, perpendiculars, locus, and more. If the built in tools are not adequate custom tools can be made.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0
Operating System Webware
System Requirements Microsoft Silverlight