2 Courses. 2 Languages. 1 App.2 Lernprogramme. 2 Sprachen. 1 App.typo:1 is an app for learning and consolidating the touch system on both iPad and external keyboard. It has been specifically designed for the iPad software keyboard following proven didactical rules, but it also contains full-fledged lessons for a traditional hardware keyboard. This app is suited for both beginners and experienced writers who want to become familiar with the peculiarities of the iPad keyboard or improve safety of writing. In typo:1 you Browse from page to page like in a book, Find exercises for guided and free writing as well as full text practices, Copy topical text patterns of your choice for practicing from the integrated web browser or an other app, Obtain a summarized graphical analysis of typing errors, speed, and rhythm, Get Free Practices automatically proof-read for typos, Get a color-coded graphic in every exercise for finger guiding, Cancel, repeat, suspend, and resume every exercise at any time, Record all your exercise results, Choose between 5 fonts for changing the appearance of the lessons, Navigate through the app easily, fast, and clearly.Use the power of typo:1 to improve your typing skills and safety for daily writing!
Price USD 4.99
License Purchase
Version 2.7.2
Operating System iOS, iPhone OS 4.x
System Requirements None