A touch-typist can make precise keystrokes even with his/her eyes shut. In touch-typing it's not the eyes but the mind that drives the fingers to the right keys. A touch-typist has a picture of the keyboard layout permanently stored in his/her memory. The mind uses this picture as a map to guide the fingers to the right keys on a keyboard. That means memorizing the keyboard layout is the first step for anyone learning to touch type. Part -1 of this touch typing program prepares you for this crucial first step. Here you watch several video presentations focused on keyboard layout and its geometry. The videos deliver this information in just the right sequence so that you can actually feel the layout of the keyboard being drawn inside your mind as you watch them. After completing Part-1, you will have the keyboard map placed inside your mind. With the picture of the keyboard now permanently implanted into the brain, you can now move to the next step: the Practice Drills. Part-2 of this course is comprised of intelligently planned practice drills so that the mind could be trained to use the memory image of the keyboard as a map to guide the fingers over the keyboard. Once the mind becomes proficient at this important task, you will never ever feel the need to look at the keyboard. With the mind alone intelligently controlling the movement of your fingers on the keyboard, each keystroke will be executed quickly and accurately. This in essence is how touch typing works, enabling you to type faster.
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