Provides chord lookup for guitar in standard tuning, and additional chord processing for 70 non-standard guitar tunings. ChordBook's purpose is simple--provide a way to create your own, customized chord the order and with the voicing You choose. For starters, the Chord Library for standard tuning has 23 chord types in each key and has 3 to 6 different voices/fingerings each. Simply select the key of the chord and it's type. You preview it in the Chord Library window and when you find the correct voicing/fingering, draw it in the Diagram Editor. ...But that's not all. When you draw the Library chord in the Diagram Editor, all possible notes of the chord are also plotted in the Neck View. The Neck View provides additional chord lookup functions. This window allows the browsing of chord fingerings over the neck and has a Name-that-Chord function which recognizes more than 60 different chord types in any key, in standard and non-standard tunings. These user-created chord voicings may then be diagramed in the chord editor window. So, if you don't find the voicing/fingering you need, you can experiment until you find the one you do! The Neck View also provides a "Name-that-Chord" functionality. Click in the chord you want (the notes you clicked will be displayed in blue), click the button with the question-mark on it, and a list of possible chord names will be displayed. Select (highlight) one of the names, and you're ready to draw that chord in the Diagram Editor.
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