This free educational screensaver displays phrases translated between two of these 5 languages, in random order. The settings window lets you select languages, categories of vocabulary, speed, text effects. You can also add and edit your own phrases. A great tool to help memorizing words, phrases and conjugations of verbs in English, Spanish, French, Italian or German, using the hypnotic power of screensavers in a positive way. This version is a freeware. It is fully functional, comes with all 5 languages but less than 200 phrases for each. You can purchase on upgrades for LinguaSaver with 1000s of words and phrases. INTERFACE : As the screensaver is playing, if you don't touch the mouse to avoid exiting the screensaver, you can: Press "ENTER" key to go to the next phrase immediately, Press "Space Bar" to pause / play, Press "F" to toggle between 3 modes of text effects (ALL = full effects, SIMPLE = effects with less motion, NONE = just fading in and out) Press "1", "2",..."9" to change the speed of the hour glass ( 1 = slowest, 9 = fastest) Press "H" to display a HELP manual. DEFAULT CONFIGURATION In the Options window of the screensaver you can set the following default options : Select both languages Click on "Select Vocab" to access the gategories of words, phrases and conjugation tenses, Click on "My Vocab" (or "Edit" from within the "Select Vocab" menu) to add and edit your own phrases, Click on "Speed / Text FX" to set the default values for speed and text effect mode.
File Size1.32 MB
Operating System Mac OS X 10.3 Macintosh
System RequirementsMac Os X 10.3 and higher