CertGear CFA Certification Practice Tests

Ensure Your Success At The CFA Level 1 Certification Exam Today With CertGear's CFA Practice Exam Simulator, The Most Effective Training Tool For The Chartered Financial Analyst Certification Exam. Developed by highly experienced CFA Professionals, CertGear's CFA Practice Exam Simulator contains realistic CFA sample / mock questions that will help you succeed at the CFA Certification Exam. Features of CertGear's CFA Level 1 Exam Simulator include: Learn As You Go - Detailed explanations tell you not just the right answer, but why the right answer is right and the wrong answers are wrong. References for further study are also provided. Categories - Our CFA Practice Tests contain detailed categories for you to selectively study topics. Additionally, you can see your grade in each category at the end of the exam. Graphical Scoring - Graphical Breakdown Of Exam Results To Pinpoint Areas To Focus Your Study Effort. Customized Options - You decide the way you want to take the testing including: Timed, Live scoring, Ask Incorrect, Show Answers, Select # of question, Select Questions By Exam Categories, Eliminate Questions You've Seen Or Answered Correctly. Exam Optimizer - This features enables the CertGear Test Engine to more intelligently select questions for you. Questions that you have either not seen before or have not answered correctly are given preference over correctly answered questions. This features enables you to focus more study time on areas that are more difficult for you by eliminating questions that you have answered correctly. Ask Only The Questions You Got Wrong -At the end of the exam, instead of being asked every question again, you can tell the test engine to only ask you questions that you got incorrect. Randomization - The tests in our certification mode are dynamic, not fixed like some other practice tests are, so you'll get a new test every time. Each test is timed and the objectives are weighted the same as on the real exam. History - The test engine keeps a history of all the exams and scores you have achieved on those tests. You can easily track your progress and help determine when you are ready to take the actual exam.
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