A-N-I-M-A-L-S is a groundbreaking educational game with a unique purpose:To help children learn to read as easily and as naturally as they learn to speak. They seem to be simply playing--hitting keys to make pictures of animals appear on the screen--but they are also getting to know most of the fundamental principles underlying written language. Learning by practice, a little step at a time, at their own pace. This hands-on alternative to the usual methods helps children start much earlier and gain proficiency faster. And it's also more fun!Features include:Based on research by leading scientists and educators. Designed so children play before they can use the mouse. Precise feedback throughout guides exploration so children learn quicker. Three progressive levels so each child can start with the right challenge. Uses recorded voices of native speakers. Multiple languages: currently English, French, German and Spanish. Illustrated with hundreds of photographs of animals, plants, toys, tools, etc.Demos available in each language.
File Size2.7 MB
Operating System Mac OS Classic Macintosh
System Requirements
  • System 7 or higher