Teacher Observation

Collecting data on classroom instruction is one of the most important jobs of a school principal. Now, you can leverage the power and ease of a handheld computer to capture the most important instructional activities that occur during observations. T-Observe is a software program that resides on your Palm or Windows desktop/laptop and is synchronized to your Palm OS handheld computer (Pocket PC coming soon). It was created using HanDBase (www.ddhsoftware.com), a nationally recognized PDA software development company with years of experience. T-Observe does not replace a district?s evaluation process but augments that process by streamlining work and keeping accurate records of observations. T-Observe is simple to use. First, T-Observe helps you determine what area you would like to observe. Next, the T-Observe component on your handheld computer allows you to discreetly collect quantifiable data on classroom activities. Using categorization and time-stamping features, T-Observe lets you capture data in eight categories that include: Instructional Strategies Classroom Environment Lesson Content Student Assessment English Language Learners Bloom?s Taxonomy Technology Time UsageUsing a scale, this software measures at what level teachers are teaching and at what level students are engaged. Finally, T-Observe gives you the information you need to reflect on the observation. The next time you synchronize your handheld, T-Observe downloads a complete record of each classroom visit and prints that record as a form or graphical chart, giving you a detailed account in each category. Using the built in chart features, communicating the analysis of observations has never been easier. The developers of T-Observe are educators that have personally conducted hundreds of classroom observations. Not only do they know how valuable your time is, but also how important quality classroom instruction is to increasing student achievement. This tool maximizes the investment of a handheld computer by collecting, analyzing and communicating the teaching trends observed by the administrator. Observation, Data Analysis and Communication are core skills for today?s administrator. By using this PortaData tool, the process becomes digitally enhanced and data-driven. Used throughout California. Customization Available Portadata does training workshops to ensure easy implementation of these tools. To learn more about their services, please visit them online at: www.portadata.com
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