Euratlas Periodis Basic

Euratlas Periodis Basic, is a new version of the Historical Atlas of Europe. This map-by-map atlas is provided in vector mode so that the charts can be viewed with a maximal enlargement factor of 1600 % without quality loss and is provided as a PDF (Adobe Reader) document, readable under any operating system. These historical maps of Europe, North Africa and Middle East are presented without comment, thus allowing scholars to explain easily the course of history and newcomers to explore time and space and discover the main changes which occurred in the Euro-Mediterranean area during the last 2000 years. Among many new features, we have to mention the extraordinary amount of detail and the improvement of the maps especially for the sanjaks of the Ottoman Empire, the gouvernements of France, the provinces of Spain and the early states of the British Isles. Euratlas Periodis Basic is a valuable tool not only useful in research but also educational because the spatio-temporal exploration possibilities will arouse the interest of every student. You can use the software to answer particular questions and it will also take you down unexpected paths.
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System RequirementsAdobe Reader required