Teaching Templates

The educational software program Teaching Templates is a varied, timesaving set of nine authoring tools that help you create interactive, Web-based "edutainment" exercises, tests, quizzes and educational games for the online education of your children and students -- including Multiple Choice, Question Time, Gap Text (based on the Cloze test procedure), Energy Saver (fill in the missing letters), In Other Words, What's Your Opinion?, Flashcards, Mastermind and Playtime. When the large blue "T" menu displays, click on the template you want; you'll go to its Build screen. After selecting the font and background color, create the test by filling in the fields and then save your test. To see how it looks in HTML, simply click on the View Quiz button, and your well-rendered Web test will be displayed within seconds. Your test creations can be incorporated into a Web page on the Internet or executed as standalone programs at home or in the classroom. The 30-day trial version of Teaching Templates includes helpful samples of each test type - for English language teaching (vocabulary, grammar, quizzes etc.) - and for a variety of other fields. It is fully functional. Dynamic HTML and JavaScript provide highly motivating user interfaces and offer a great way to teach any subject.
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  • Windows 98SE/ME/NT/2000/XP