Spaceflight Challenge I

Spaceflight Challenge 1 features science topics from across the secondary schools European curricula. It can be enjoyed as a role playing adventure game or as a set of interactive exercises that can be accessed in any order. Full scientific explanations and background information are provided. A fully navigable 3-D model of the interior and exterior of the International Space Station (ISS) orbiting above the Earth. 26 science tasks, each with 3 or 4 interactive subtasks, a link to reference material, and a scientific simulation for students to experiment with. -Access to detailed scores and reports for teachers. Teacher access to guides and classroom tools. 60 data cards with information about the ISS facilities. 6 spontaneous challenges which students must solve in real time. Two 3-D simulation activities. A video briefing about the ISS and life on board. Twelve ESA Member State languages. Spaceflight Challenge 1 comes with a manual to help you quickly get started. The didactical content of the ISS 3-D Teaching Tool has been developed together with the Norwegian Space Centre (NSC) and the Norwegian National Centre for Space Related Education (NAROM).
License Free
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Version 1.0
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