The Discrete Trial (DT) Trainer, based on the Discrete Trial methodology in Applied Behavioral Analysis, was created to teach individuals with autism. However, since the software is highly configurable, the DT Trainer can teach a wide range of developmental levels. The DT Trainer teaches names of items such as nouns, verbs, or prepositions, teaches the sounds of items, and teaches functional information with questions associated with target items. The DT Trainer teaches through a series of steps that start with an intense introduction and fade to a randomized period and then into a maintenance period. The software also uses prompting to transition the students from where they can not get the wrong answer to where they have to know the answer. Another important feature is the DT Trainer uses selectable randomized praises and reinforcers to motivate the student to work. The software is highly configurable to allow adjusting the teaching to each specific student.
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