Quiz of the States with QuizBuild

From the developer: "Quiz of the States makes it easy to learn about the 50 states in the Union. Includes categories on Capitols, Order and Date of Entry to the Union, and State Bird, Flower, and Tree. Generates hundreds of unique questions. No two tests are exactly the same. Load and run new quiz files from disk as they become available. QuizBuild programmable quiz generator lets you add your own data to the quiz, or create your own custom designed tests with spreadsheet data contaqining multiple columns and rows. The first column must be an object (such as "State") and the additional columns are from one to ten different categories of informationh for the object. There must be just one available answer for every category in each row of data. QuizBuild will randomly select a row of "question" data and three rows of "answer" data from the same category and will create a randome set of multiple choice answers. You design the wording of the question, and QuizBuild fills in the the rest with information selected from the data. A small database of spreadsheet data will quickly generate hundreds of original questions and track correct answers."
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System RequirementsWindows (95/98/NT/2000/XP)