My Wall - Beautiful Wallpapers

Rasht, Iran - Horoofnegar Inc. today is proud to announce the release of My Wall 1.0 for iOS, a new beautiful modern wallpaper app. Featuring high quality images, My Wall is a collection of beautiful wallpapers and photos from world famous photographers which give a whole new look to your phone and lock screen. Just pick up the phone, open the app, chose between the presented wallpapers for you or search for what you want. No matter the category or subject for whatever you want, there are hundreds of wallpapers taken by great photographers in My Wall. My Wall gives you two options to search for your desired wallpaper: Explore and collections. Explore - The sky is the limit. Search whatever category that comes to your mind. There is no limit, and you can easily download your favorite wallpaper. There are no categories; categories limits you and this is what separates My Wall from other apps. Search for what you want; select the wallpaper you like and save it to your gallery. Piece of a cake. Collections - This is where fun starts. Images are smart picked and grouped together by photographers and are ready for you to search them and find your favorite wallpaper. Just search for your desired topic and there it is... smart picked photos are grouped as collections and available at your fingertips. Quality - Wallpapers and photos in My Wall are high quality up to 3k giving you the most beautiful and detailed wallpapers. Even if you Crop your image to the size or portion you want you won't loose any detail or quality. And the edited wallpaper will fit to your device no matter if it is an iPhone or iPad. Dark Mode - We all love dark mode right who doesn't plus we care about your eyes, So we brought you Dark Mode, a beautiful dark theme for low light situations which gives you a beautiful contrast to avoid eye problems in darkness. Simply switch on dark mode from settings page. Note the dark mode won't affect the quality of images and wallpapers at all, so don't worry wallpapers will be as pixel perfect as in the Day mode. No Obstacles - Unlike alternative wallpaper apps which block your view of wallpaper with ads or unnecessary features, we decided to avoid that. We only show you what you need. Just enjoy the beauty and diversity of wallpapers. Sharing is caring - Easily share your favorite with friends to show them your passion.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0.1
Operating System iOS
System Requirements iOS 9.0 or later