Personal 3D Wallpaper

Do you like to see the faces of your beloved ones every time you see your android? Do you have locked away pictures and memories that you never actually go through but want to remember from time to time? Do you want to be able to customize your home screen with your own wallpapers? Look no further! This app allows you to select any pictures from your gallery and make them into a slideshow wallpaper with cool 3D transition effects. Features: ======== - Easy to use. Just click the wallpaper icon in your launcher and it will guide you step by step. - Variety. You get to choose from many different effects to cycle through your pictures. We provide you with a list of of 3d transition effects to pick from. We do this with a list of thumbnail videos, so you get to see what you're choosing, not just read about it. - Smooth and seamless. You'll be browsing your gallery smoothly without regard to how many pictures you have or how large they are. - Customizable, with options to adjust quality to suit your needs or save even more battery. - Works! It preforms equally good on both old and new devices. - Energy saving. Unlike most other 3D live wallpapers, this was actually designed with power saving in mind! - Lightweight. It does the bulk of the action on your device GPU leaving the CPU to do whatever tasks you do on your home screen. - keep track of the images you selected which simply appear at the bottom of the selection page. This way you won't have to go through possibly hundreds of images just to unselect an image you previously selected. And if it ever occurs to you that you want to zoom, delete or share any of the images, a long click will take you to the image in the gallery to do it. -Put the images in any order you want, even duplicate them if want. Or just show them in a random order. -Crop the images/fit them into the screen. Do you have an idea of a cool effect that you'd like to see in this app? Send us a description or a link. If possible, we'll add it and mention you :) If you run into problems using this app, please contact us. We can't improve this application without your feedback. We'll always be glad to fix your problems and add the features you are looking for. While we would like you to enjoy our applications to the fullest extent, we've to monetize them to stay in business. This application is ad-powered (including ad-icon). If you'd like to see an ad free version please contact us or mention it in a comment. Thanks for your patience.
Price USD 0
License Free
File Size 1.37 MB
Version 1.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements Android 2.2, OpenGL ES 2.0