Tax software helps Ontario residents complete the T1 General Income Tax and Benefit Return. TaxWrite is now free for everyone and will let you print an unlimited number of returns. The familiar forms the tax filer sees and works with on the monitor are just like the familiar T1 General Income Tax return many Canadians are used to picking up at the tax office or receiving in the mail. Simply enter your information in the appropriate field and TaxWrite takes care of all the calculations for you. There is no repetition in re-writing the same information over and over. Do it once and the software handles the chore of placing your figures wherever else they are required. What may have taken an hour, or hours, using conventional paper, can be trimmed down to minutes, depending on how complex the person's tax information.
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Operating System Windows 2000 Windows 98 Windows Me Windows Windows 95
System RequirementsWindows 95/98/Me/2000