Unit Converter - Calculator: Metric & Imperial

With the Quick Unit Converter Calculator you will be able to convert all types of units from Metric to Imperial systems & Vice-versa in seconds. Finding the area, speed, distance, temperature, volume, time, weight, energy, power and more converted into different units.These are some conversions you can easily do with ourSimple Unit Converter CalculatorArea: Yards, Acres, Hectares & Square: Meters, Miles, Inches & Feet.Distance / Length: Meters, Miles, Inches, Feet, Yards, Nautical Miles.Speed / Velocity: Kilometers / Miles per hour, Feet per second, Knots, Speed of sound, Speed of light.Temperature: Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin.Time: Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Weeks, Months, Years.Volume: Litters, Cubic Meters, Cubic Inches, Cubic Feet, Gallons, Quarts, Pints, Cups, Teaspoons, Tablespoons, Fluid ounces.Weight / Mass: Grams, Kilograms, Milligrams, Pounds, Ounces, Tons, Stones.Energy / Power / Torque: Watts, Joules, Calories, ElectronVolt, BTU, Therms, Foot-Pond.Plus an advanced view which makes available Scientific prefixes like Exa, Peta, Tera, Giga, Mega, Kilo, Deci, Centi, Milli, Micro, Nano, Pico, etc. Allowing you to make more scientific calculations.Main FeaturesThe app is Multi-language, so you will get the correct unit name based on your language, either using the option or manually changing it.Our library of available units to convert has the best selection, preventing the display of units that no one ever uses and displaying only the most used ones.Make every calculation and combination between units possible, including scientific notation and time-based units.History of your latest conversions so you can view them instantly without needing to recalculate every time.No internet connection is needed to use this app.Download Now! Quick Unit Converter Calculator for FREE!
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