Furnace Efficiency Calculator

Have you ever wondered how efficient you heating system really is? Well now to can find out. Sometimes filters or dirty systems or even a poor choice of components can cause your heating system to be poorly inefficient. And that means wasted heat is going up the chimney.Here is how it works:1.Start your furnace.2.Take static pressure readings before and after the air filter and a-coil.3.Clock your meter usage using the 2 cu ft dial on your gas meter with ONLY the furnace running.4.Take a temperature reading from the return and supply plenums.5.Now subtract the return reading for the supply reading. That gives you your "Delta T" reading.6.Locate "heat" blower speed pin on the furnace control board to determine current blower speed setting.7.Now with the total static pressure reading measured after the filter and before the a-coil (that is your total system static pressure) refer to the manufactures static pressure vs cfm air flow chart to determine current cfm.8.Select elevation and plug in your number into the app and pressure "calculate".THERE you have your current efficiency of your furnace.
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Version 1.4.1
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System Requirements Requires Android 4.1 and up