The application contains a set of useful functions for geologists, geophysicists, engineers and any other person interested in borehole geophysics, petrophysics or well log interpretation.It performs calculations of:- Shale Volume from single indicators like SP, GR (corrections: Larionov, Clavier, Steiber), Neutron, Resistivity and from double shale indicators (Neutron-Density, Sonic-Density, Neutron-Sonic Crossplots);- Resistivity: Archie, Rw from SP, Rw from NaCl content, Arp;- Water Saturation: Archie, Simandoux, Indonesian;- Porosity: Sonic, Density, Neutron-Density;- Permeability: Timur & Tixier equations;- Lithology: Rhoma, DTma, M, N, Uma;-Mineral Defaults: Values of sonic, velocity, neutron porosity, PEF, Uma, M & N for most common sedimentary minerals;- Rock Physics: Density (Gardner), P-wave (Castagna, Faust, Gardner) and S-wave velocity (Castagna), Elastic Moduli;and- Original Hydrocarbon in Place (Oil & Gas in Metric/Imperial units).
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Version 1.5.1
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.0.3 and up