ARMAssem for Mobile App Development

ARMAssem is a Christian outreach app. It aims to spread the good news message of Jesus Christ while providing an application that may find useful or educational.Most mobile devices run on some kind of ARM processor. As the ARM processors use RISC (reduced instruction set) architecture, they are relatively easy to learn. This app allows you to write ARM-like assembly language to create a basic app or game. There is no need to understand anything about the hardware of the device, as an API is provided to set the colour, draw lines, rectangles, text and handle taps and swipes.As the translation from the assembly language is a relatively simple process, the assembler runs quite fast. For simple apps, expect around 5-10 seconds for the first assemble after loading. Then after each code change expect around 1-2 seconds for each assemble. This is because each code change only requires doing the assemble for the module that changed.ARMAssem comes preloaded with a sample assembly language program. The sample shows how you can make a sprite plus palette editor using the Android API. The idea is that you can edit the sample program, see the results of your changes and get started learning assembly very quickly.Features:32-bit registers and memory locationsSyntax highlighting to show labels and stringsDefine separate data and code sectionsDefine integer or string variablesDefine labels for variables and branch locationsCreate and navigate multiple filesLabel navigation to support jumping around the codeAutocomplete to support auto typing of labelsComments using semi-colon to explain codeDebugger:Allows you to run step by step, seeing registers and memory changeShows current registers R0-R15Shows current memory locations M0-M200Ability to see app running on the same screen as the debugger, this makes it easy to learn assembly languageAbility to set break points to step over sectionsAbility to step frame by frameSupported Instructions:MOV,CMP,B,BEQ,BNE,BGT,BLT,BGE,BLEMOVEQ,MOVNE,MOVGT,MOVLELDR - preindexed, postindexed, offsetSTR - preindexed, postindexed, offsetADD,SUB,PUSH,POPExtra Instructions:These are instructions to support graphics and object oriented style whichare not part of the ARM assembly instruction set.RECT - draw a rectangle top left R1,R2 to bottom right R3,R4LINE - draw a line from position R1,R2 to R3,R4TEXT - draw text of string R1 at position R2,R3COLOR - change the current color (0-9) using R1COLORRGB - change the current color (red, green, blue) using R1,R2,R3TOUCH - get the tap up or down event into R1,R2,R3SWIPE - get the finger position into R1 and R2NEW object - create a new instance of the object, return pointer in R1CALL - call the object, using pointer in R1RTS - return to the callerNote all instructions currently only work on 32-bit numbers,there are no byte level or half-word level operations.Strings are encoded as sequences of 32-bit numbers.Shortcuts:All shortcuts are followed by a single digit then space,or two digits.m - types MOV register,l - types LDR register,t - types STR register,p - types PUSH {register}o - types POP {register}a - types ADD register,s - types SUB register,Compatibility:Older and newer devices are supportedResize option available to fit any size screen (with loss of resolution for smaller screens)
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 2.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.0 and up