Diamond Flashlight & Flash on Call

The flashlight encrusted with a large diamond, the winner of the competition - the largest diamond among mobile apps 2017. An elegant decoration for the evening and daily using. The light flash instead of the ringtone wont break the atmosphere of dinner in the restaurant or at a party.The flashlight has a lot of functions for a variety of situations. If you dropped your jewelry with a diamond, then you can our flashlight to find it under the table or chest of drawers.Use the flash on call function so that you dont miss a call in a noisy room, if the light button is activated then the flash is also activated on SMS by default.The white screen mode allows you to turn on the weak white light of your screen and light without creating concern for others.Also in the flashlight there are flicker modes and SOS signal.When Flash Alert app can be usefulIf a child or an adult is sleeping near you and you do not want to be awakened by a vibration signal or a loud bell.Convenient to use in low light or at night and instead of the flashbulb.People with hearing or visual impairment, as well as elderly people.Protection and precaution with blink signals and SOS mode in travel and sea cruises.Use the maximum glance capabilities of your device! Cheer yourself up when you get bright notifications from your friends. If you didnt notice sounds then you will see the glister of signals on your phone.Our team developed a unique method to get light glitter signals all that you need this is launching the app and thats all because boring settings arent included.PrecautionDont put the device into the pocket with the active flashlight because the LED lamp of the smartphone becomes hot while using.The shimmer of the light bulb near eyes isnt useful for your eyes.Pulsing light can irritate surrounding, be sure you set the setting at the right time and luminance of your lantern is appropriate for the situation.Visible light which you can get from the lightbulb depends on the power of the LED bulb that you have into your device.Using the device with this app as the headlamp isnt safe because smartphones arent intended for holding on the head.Twinkling options arent suitable for use by infants or kids under 3 years because the beam of illumination can be too bright for them.F.A.QHow can I change luminosity of the flashlight?The illuminance isnt be changed, you can use torchlight and white screen at the same and get more shine.Is there enough lumens to substitute the lamppost?No, usually led lamp is much weaker.Could gleam modes make harm to my glow lamp?No, Smartphones usually have high-quality LEDsIs this app convenient for night walking and spotlighting dark places?Yes, this is good app for it.Whats more? Probably, this app is a good substitution of searchlight or table lamp?No, this app can give you the opportunity to use only functions which are described in the description.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 2.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.0.3 and up