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Road and Strip Performance Calculator for your Android SmartphoneGreat for: Bracket Racers, Hot Rod Owners, Engine Builders, Car and Truck Enthusiasts, Bench Racers.And while perhaps obvious, if you change from an Android device to an iPhone or iPad, you WILL need to buy a new license as they are incompatible.Predict Elapsed Time and Speed, Using Motorsport Standard Atmosphere (MSA) CorrectionsCalculate how current track conditions will affect your car's performanceSolutions for compression ratio, gear ratio, engine displacement and moreFull User's Guide built in as well as ability to press and hold a key for specific helpThe Hot Rod Calc Elapsed Time (ET) Prediction calculator for your Android Smartphone with built-in motor building and performance solutions will give you the competitive edge at the track or in the garage. No need to remember complex formulas or look them up in tables or charts.At the track racers can see how weather and elevation will affect their times using this calculator, so they can instantly predict dial-ins using current track conditions.In the garage, engine builders and tuners can easily see how changes in a car's engine and fuel system will affect performance and solve dozens of "what if" scenarios in seconds.It helps make auto performance tuning easy:Calculate Engine Displacement in cubic inches, liters or ccsImprove your engines air-fuel efficiencyCalculate how changes in tire size affect gear ratio and speedometerEasily calculate fluid conversions for gallons, fluid ounces, cc, ml, liters, temperature conversions for Celsius and Fahrenheit, weight conversions, metric and imperialAutomatically calculate Brake Horsepower given Torque and RPM, or Elapsed Time (ET) and Vehicle Weight, or MPH and Vehicle WeightBUILT-IN SOLUTIONSCalculator Predicts Elapsed Time and trap speed for 1/4 mile and 1/8 mile runsAutomatically calculate Brake Horsepower given Torque and RPM, Elapsed Time (ET) and Weight or MPH and Weight.Enter or calculate local track conditions, including Absolute Pressure, Air Temperature, Moisture, Elevation, Air Density Index and Density altitude, Wind Speed and Direction and predict their effects on your Elapsed Time (ET) and speed.Calculate speed given Vehicle Weight and Horsepower or Tire Diameter, Gear Ratio and RPM.Compression Ratio -- Instantly see how changes to any of 8 engine measurements can increase your Compression Ratio; deck height, dome volume, chamber volume, gasket thickness, gasket bore, bore and stroke and/or milling the heads.Enter target Engine Displacement and current Stroke to calculate the new Bore or enter Engine Displacement and current Bore to calculate new Stroke.ADDITIONAL FEATURESFluid conversions for gallons, fluid ounces, cc, ml, liters, temperature conversions for Fahrenheit and Celsius, weight conversions, metric and imperial conversions.Calibrate the calculator's Mechanical Efficiency setting to more closely match a car's time.Calculate fuel correction index to determine new jet flow requirements.Built-in help, including Holley jet specs just press and hold the desired key for full, clear definitions, explanations and examples of keystrokes.Great auto performance tuning calculator with solutions for engine displacement, compression ratio, gear ratio and more.
Price USD 9.99
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Version 1.1.1
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 2.2 and up