iovation Bank Demo

The iovation Bank Authenticator app demonstrates iovation LaunchKey in action. Use the app to discover powerful multi-factor authentication for web apps, all at your fingertips on your device.Getting StartedTo use the demo:- First link your device to the iovation Bank demo website. Open in a desktop browser. Hit Click Here to Get Started to display a QR code.- In the app tap the Hamburger control , then tap Setup next to Mobile Authenticator.- Scan the QR code on the website and set your device name. If prompted for permission to use the camera on your device, choose to allow it. You may also enter the code manually using the Enter Code button at the top of the screen.- Once the QR scan is successful, on the website, click Send Test. Your device displays a slider that you must swipe up to confirm. Once you complete this, your device is linked to the demo site and you are logged in!- You can now test security factors on the device. On the navigation menu, tap Auth Methods and then tap the + icon.- Tap any of the available factors to enable them. Options include PIN code, circle code, geofencing, Bluetooth proximity, and fingerprint scans.- To test the factors, log out from the iovation Bank website, then log back in. The username from your demo session will be saved in your browser and will automatically appear in the login field. Your device prompts you to complete the security factors.- While you are logged in, you can initiate a transfer to see how LaunchKey can be used to authorize different types of transactions. On the web page, select Transfer, enter a recipient name and amount, and click INITIATE TRANSFER. You are prompted on your device to approve the transfer.- You can log out from your session by tapping Log Out on the navigation menu in the app.- You can reset the demo at any time by tapping Unlink This Device from the navigation menu and restarting these steps.To learn all about iovation LaunchKey, see
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 2.5.1
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 5.0 and up