Scale Image View Demo

This is a demo of Subsampling Scale Image View, a free Android library for the display of large images, with gesture detection for zoom and pan. This demo shows most of the features available.This custom view can be used to display images in a gallery, or for viewing large images such as building plans. It's easily extendible to add overlaid graphics aligned with the image, for example marker pins or custom shapes.The project, including the source of this app, is hosted on GitHub at display* Display huge images, larger than can be loaded into memory* Show high resolution detail on zooming in* Tested up to 20,000x13,000px, though larger images are slower* Display images from assets or the file system* Automatically rotate images from the file system (e.g. the camera or gallery) according to EXIF* Manually rotate images in 90 increments* Swap images at runtimeGesture detection* One finger pan* Two finger pinch to zoom* Pan while zooming* Seamless switch between pan and zoom* Fling momentum after panning* Double tap to zoom in and out* Options to disable pan and/or zoom gesturesAnimation* Public methods for animating the scale and center* Customisable duration and easing* Optional uninterruptible animationsEasy integration* Use within a ViewPager to create a photo gallery* Easily restore scale, center and orientation after screen rotation* Can be extended to add overlay graphics that move and scale with the image* Handles view resizing and wrap_content layout
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 4.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 5.0 and up