Energy Conversion Calculator

Energy Conversion CalculatorAn energy converter calculator. Select the units you wish to use and enter the value in the input units in the first text box. The result will be displayed in the second text box.Convert energy measurements between: Btu (th), Btu (mean), calories (IT), calories (th), calories (mean), calories (15C), calories (20C), calories (food), centigrade heat units, electron volts, ergs, foot-pound force, foot poundals, gigajoules, horsepower hours, inch-pound force, joules, kilocalories (IT), kilocalories (th), kilogram-force meters, kilojoules, kilowatt hours, megajoules, newton meters, therms, watt seconds, watt hoursJoules to kJ conversionJoules to BTU conversionJoules to Calories conversionJoules to kcal conversionJoules to kWh conversionJoules to eV conversionkJ to Joules conversionkJ to BTU conversionkJ to calories conversionkJ to kcal conversionBTU to kJ conversionBTU to Joules conversionBTU to kWh conversionkWh to BTU conversionkWh to Joules conversionCalories to Joules conversionCalories to kJ conversionCalories to kcal conversionkcal to calories conversionkcal to joules conversionkcal to kJ conversioneV to joules conversioneV to keV conversioneV to MeV conversioneV to GeV conversionkeV to eV conversionMeV to eV conversionGeV to eV conversionThe SI unit of energy rate (energy per unit time) is the watt, which is a joule per second. Thus, one joule is one watt-second, and 3600 joules equal one watt-hour. The CGS energy unit is the erg and the imperial and US customary unit is the foot pound. Other energy units such as the electronvolt, food calorie or thermodynamic kcal (based on the temperature change of water in a heating process), and BTU are used in specific areas of science and commerce.
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