Wall Studs Estimating Calculator for Carpenters

Quickly and easily calculate the number of studs needed when building a wall. This is a great APP for anyone when building an interior or exterior wall. Trades Math Calculators is an excellent APP that can Quickly and easily make calculations for Concrete / Cement Estimating, Board Feet Estimating, Bricks Estimating, Grade, Slope and Drop Calculators, Stairway and Staircase building calculator, Grading Slopes, Grade Rise calculators, Grade percent calculator, wall studs estimating calculator, tooling calculators, angle calculators, quantity of Wall Studs Needed Estimating, Rebar Weight Estimating, Stairway Estimating, Ohm's Law Calculators including: Appliance Calculator, Amps, Watts, Volts & Ohmns, Direct Current Calculators. Conversions Calculators including: Angular Conversions, Area Conversions, Energy Conversions, Length Conversions, Power Conversions, Torque Conversions, Velocity Conversions, Volume Conversions and Weight Conversions. Trigonometry and Geometry Calculators and Shop Math Calculators. Tapping Calculators including: Tap Drill Sizes, Tapping Speeds. Tooling Calculators including: Countersink Calculators, Center Drill Calculators, Drill Bit Sizes, Drilling Speeds. This is a must have APP for Carpenters, Construction Pros, Electricians, Handyman and Do it Your Selfers!
License Free
Version 2.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 8.0 and up