Game Accelerator | Pro

Accelerate games that require high hardware with one touch, play faster, fix errors in games! If your games are slow or fail, try this Game accelerator. And no ads!In some games, your device may not perform as expected. However, you can correct errors in the game with this application. Some high graphics games will force your device too much.What Game Booster Does?Game optimization - Optimize your games with one touch.Fix bugs - The game accelerator detects that you do not have enough ram capacity for some of your games. By limiting background services, you can improve performance in your games.FPS Monitor & Ping Monitor - We have developed two separate monitors for you. See instant delay and instant frame rate with one touch * With great Theme supportAnti-Ping Mode - Sometimes you experience delays when playing your games. Reduce instant delay with this powerful tool. This mode allows you to play your online games without freezing. * For example, when you play an online-fps game, you are suddenly beaten by your opponent. Solve this problem with Game Booster.Play your games at the highest speed without ever hanging out. Use the Game Accelerator for the best gaming experience.
Price USD 25
License Purchase
Version 2.0-r
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.1 and up