737MAX Stopping Data

Runway overruns are one of a pilot's worst aviation nightmares. Recent change to some countries regulations require you to ensure you have a 15% buffer between your expected stopping distance based on the QRH figures and the actual runway length. You need a fast and accurate way to confirm that calculation you have done with the tables because it can be complex and you have to interpolate. You can make mistakes but this app, which uses the Boeing 737MAX QRH figures, is a backup to your manual calculation.Using intuitive sliders and colour coded buttons you can quickly enter the parameters without having to resort to clunky keyboard entry of figures.The app produces data for flaps 15, 30 and 40.The app uses degrees Celsius, kilograms and elevations in feet as standard however you can toggle to Fahrenheit, pounds and metres. These options can be saved from the settings screen. When using other than the standard units there may be some small differences to the QRH figures due to rounding. If you find any significant differences let me know.Before you buy this app make sure you operate one of the variants listed below (check the header of your Boeing 737 QRH Performance Inflight section). If you operate something different e-mail me a PDF version of the pages from your QRH and I will add them in. The variants are listed further down. Note this version is for the 737MAX. If you want the existing 737 variants see my other app "737 Stopping Data"The app also provides Brake Cooling information for takeoff and landing. The brake cooling tables with its four way interpolation requirement is a nightmare to get right. This app allows for a quick cross check to make sure you haven't gone wrong.Using the same data input as the landing distance calculation, the bottom section has two additional sliders to make this calculation. If you only want to do a brake cooling calculation then the colour coded labels (white vs light blue) show you which selections you need to make.************ NOT TALPA **************Nil************ TALPA **************737-8/LEAP-1B25 FAA Cat B Brakes^737-8/LEAP-1B27 FAA Cat B Brakes^^ The landing and stopping data for these two variants are the sameDISCLAIMERThis app is not certified aviation software. It is designed to check the value you manually calculate from your QRH. As such the developer makes no warranty that:*the software will meet your requirements.*the software will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or error-free.*the results that may be obtained from the use of the software will be effective, accurate or reliable.
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Version 1.0
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System Requirements Requires Android 2.3 and up