PEC Conductor Size Calc FULL

PEC Conductor Size Calc FULLBased on Philippine Electrical Code.CALCULATE:- Standard Wire Size (upto 10 SETS of 3 - # 500 mm2 )- Standard Fuse and Breaker Size upto 6000 Amps.- Conduit Sizes (PVC, RMC, LFMC, LFNC, IMC, FMC, ENT, EMT)- Standard Service and Equipment Grounding Wire Size.- Standard Wire Maximum Allowable Ampacity.- Thermal and Overload Protection for Motor Loads.- Full Load Current (or Input Max. Current on Nameplate)- POWER FACTOR CORRECTION. - Calculate kVAR & Capacitor Size.- AC and DC VOLTAGE DROP CALCULATOR. - Based on Wire and Conduit used. - Based on Different Working Temperature.APPLICABLE TO:----- AC SYSTEM ------ Household Range & Cooking Appliance- Electric Motor- Main Service Line- POWER FACTOR Correction- Air Con(Compressor Motor)- Room Air Conditioner- Arc Welding- Resistance Welding- DC Motor-Rectifier (Half & Full Wave)- Fixed Space-Heating Equipment- Kitchen Equipment & Clothes Dryer- Induction & Dielectric Heating Equipment- Branch Circuit (Continuous & Non-Continuous Loads)- Generator Line- Wound-Rotor- Inverter Output- X-Ray Diagnostic & Therapy Equipment------ DC SYSTEM ------- DC Motor- DC Main Service Line- Solar Photovoltaic Output- Solar Photovoltaic Source- DC-to-DC Converter Output- Branch Circuit (Continuous & Non-Continuous Loads)VIEW :- Minimum Wire-Bending Space at Terminal.- Conductor Applications and insulations.- Motor Control & Useful Diagrams ( PDF FILE READER required! ) - Direct-On-Line Motor Control Diagram - Single Phase Forward-Reverse Motor Control Diagram. - Three Phase Forward-Reverse Motor Control Diagram. - Three Phase Wye-Start, Delta-Run Motor Control Diagram. - Three Phase Auto-Transformer Motor Control Diagram. - 20kW Water Heater Control Diagram. - Water Pump Motor Control Diagram. - 25kW Cooking Range Connection Diagram. - Electrical Components and Function. - Symbols (IEC and ANSI) - Symbols (JIS) - Fluorescent Lamp Connection Diagram - Two Lamps Controlled by Two-Gang Switch. - Three Lamps Controlled by Three-Gang Switch. - Three -Gang Convenience Outlet - Lamp Controlled in Two Different Locations.(3-Way) - Lamp Controlled in Three Different Locations.(4-Way) - Lamp Controlled in Four Different Locations.(2 x 4-Way)*** Any queries, complain and request you can send at---- ----note : This android application is not registered to any private or government agencies. This android application serve as guide only. User must still check and confirm the results under Philippine electrical code.
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