RCM Loader is a simple to use tool for sending payloads or booting into Lakka on the Switch.Root is NOT required, so most recent devices with USB OTG and USB 3.0 support should be compatible. Some USB 2.0 devices can detect the Switch in RCM but does not deliver the exploit. This is a limitation of USB 2.0 (EHCI) and cannot be fixed without a custom kernel patch.Features:Payload injecting, Lakka launching, Auto-inject payloadsAfter setting your Switch into RCM mode, using a USB-C cable and USB OTG adapter, you can easily load homebrew onto your Switch. The most popular payload, hekate is bundled by default saving you time. Hekate is a multipurpose bootloader allowing you to select other payloads on your SD card, backup/restore your system, boot CFW, toggle Auto-RCM and more! RCM Loader also allows you to boot straight into Lakka, granted you already have your SD card setup for it. However since hekate can load Lakka, it is no longer recommended and may be removed in the future.If you'd like, enable "Auto injector" in settings to automatically launch when an RCM mode Switch is connected. Check the option for always using this app when prompted. Now even when your Android device is locked, you can plug in a Switch that is in RCM mode and it will automatically load your chosen payload.Great tutorial for absolute beginners to Switch modding/CFW: https://guide.sdsetup.com/#/beforestartingThe "Storage" app permission is required for RCM Loader to find payloads on the device and operate properly.Check the Readme for more information and coreboot file if you would like to use the Lakka launcher: https://github.com/ThirdEyeClarity/RCM-Loader/blob/master/README.mdRCM Loader is made possible thanks to many open-source projects such as hekate, Fuse Gele, ShofEL2, NXLoader, and Rekado. RCM Loader is a fork of Rekado by MenosGrante while it was previously licensed under MIT. If you can install from Unknown Sources on your device, you may opt to install Rekado instead which has similar functionality and is ad-free: https://github.com/MenosGrante/Rekado/releases
License Free
Version 3.0.10
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 5.0 and up