The KWallet is the easiest to use Bitcoin wallet, providing the most complete digital currency services on the web and on mobile devices. We can allow users to purchase, use and receive digital currency safely and quickly.KWallet FeaturesBuy and Sell Bitcoins: Users can easily complete transactions between digital currencies directly from their KingCoin account without leaving the mobile application.Web and Mobile - Users can open bitcoin wallets through web pages or mobile phones for full management and use Bitcoin at any time.KWallet for AndroidKWallet Android Edition has a new design to provide the best Bitcoin experience on Android devices. Features include: Wallet: E-mail or Bitcoin Address Instantly Send and Request Digital Currency Treasury: Provide extra security with multiple signatures, timed withdrawals, and private deposits Buy and Sell: Instantly convert local currency to Bitcoin or convert Bitcoin to local currency Send and Request: Easily send and request via QR code Simple: simple and quick to send and receive and transaction digital currency Security: multiple security protection mechanisms to guide users to establish high security protectionHow do we use Android permissionsCamera (used to scan QR code), account (to automatically fill e-mail address during registration), SMS (for one-touch authentication of cell phones), and contacts (for sending Bitcoins to contacts).About BitcoinBitcoin is a digital currency used to transfer value safely and instantly around the world. Like stocks or property, Bitcoin's value is determined by the open market's buying and selling. There are many ways to earn Bitcoin, such as mining from Bitcoin, Bitcoin games or Bitcoin transactions.About Bitcoin pricesBitcoin prices are the prices at which users buy bitcoins in their local currency. The price of Bitcoin changes due to changes in the supply and demand of Bitcoin. KingCoin can display Bitcoin prices in more than 100 currencies, allowing users to see Bitcoin prices with one click.About bitcoin miningBitcoin mining is the way to get new Bitcoin into circulation. Anyone who has an internet connection and has the right hardware can participate in bitcoin mining. The difficulty of Bitcoin mining is automatically adjusted by the Bitcoin network.About blockchainBlockchain recording bitcoin transactions is the most important part of the Bitcoin system. The blockchain is the only place Bitcoin exists in the form of transaction unused output.About Bitcoin WalletGetting a Bitcoin Wallet is the first step in bitcoin mining, bitcoin gaming, or bitcoin trading. Bitcoin uses public key encryption, in which both the public and private keys are generated. Bitcoin wallets are a collection of these keys.Learn more about Bitcoin: you have any questions about KWallet, please contact us at
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.3.2
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.0 and up