OneSoil Scouting Satellite Field Monitoring

OneSoil Scouting is a free application that lets you monitor crop performance in real time and mark problem areas. All you need is a smartphone or computer with Internet access to monitor your farm whenever and wherever you areThe OneSoil Scouting app is perfect for agricultural consultants, machinery operators and farm managers. It is based on machine learning technologies and multispectral satellite imagery. The app was developed by OneSoil, an ag-tech startup from Belarus, Minsk.FunctionalityMonitoring crop performance in real timeThe app automatically determines exact boundaries of your field on the map. Then it defines the vegetation index (NDVI) within a specified area: you'll see how the field splits into different colored sections depending on crop growth.OneSoil Scouting app a convenient tool for identifying and resolving yield threats (such as lodging, flooding, diseases and other anomalies) before they become a terminal issue.Addition of field notesChoose the type of alert (disease, parasites, water, weeds, lodging) or create a blank note. Then, write a comment, add a photo if you wish, and press "save". Notes appear on the map as dots.They can be added both remotely from the office or in the field while you are scouting. In the latters case, the application will determine your exact geolocation. Note's coordinates can be sent to other app users.The web version is by the link Both versions automatically synchronize, so you have access to your notes and field marks across devices.Cost: FREE OF CHARGE. For everyone, forever. No ads or in-app purchases.How does it workOneSoil team manually marked thousands of fields, then, based on the collected information, a special algorithm was taught to allocate them independently. Now, you no longer need to travel your farm on a GPS-equipped ATV or order this work from specialists OneSoil Scouting determines the boundaries of your field automatically.To determine the vegetation index, the OneSoil Scouting app uses images from European satellites with a resolution of 8-10 meters per pixel. Multispectral images are shot not only in the visible range but infrared and ultraviolet, too. With our images, chlorophyll, a green pigment in the shoots, is clearly visible. From a technical standpoint, the vegetation index (or NDVI index) is a combination of several spectral layers.About OneSoilWe are the Minsk-based company that develops applications and an online platform for precision farming. We have also created free agriculture app named OneSoil Nitrogen that calculates nitrogen variable rates and creates a task for onboard computers of agricultural vehicles. Another our product is OneSoil Sensor a $100 wireless weather station that you can buy from us. It helps to monitor crop health, predict emerging of pests and other field processes.If you have any questions, email us at care@onesoil.aiCheck our latest news and updates in Facebook and start scouting right away!
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 3.8
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.1 and up