SOLARPE PV Photovoltaic Energy

The Sun provides a free and inexhaustible energy.We can use this energy with an Autonomous Photovoltaic System.SOLARPE is a guide for the design and installation of Autonomous Photovoltaic Systems, which allows us to perform the following functions:- Know the tilt of the panels for more efficient use of the system.- We can measure the tilt.- We can orient the panels according to the optimum orientation.- We calculate the distance between panels to avoid shadows.- We calculate the maximum solar height depending on the day of the year.- We can calculate all componentsparameters based on the loads and days of autonomy.-----------------------------------------------------------------Giner de los Ros 2018 awardFinalist in GESS Education Awards 2017 (Dubai).MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) has declared SOLARPE as most innovate app in the last June 2016.SOLARPE app has also been awarded the Prize for Best Digital Resource in SIMO EDUCACION 2016, Learning Technology Exhibition in Madrid.---------------------------------------------------------------------Spanish version: didactic version:
Operating System Android
System RequirementsRequires Android 2.1 and up