AndNote - Multimedia Note Free

AndNote: Multimedia note/memo- A multimedia note that can include: checklist, bill, photos(jpg), video recording(3gp), speech(audio), text, map(Google Maps with GPS), link(local file, remote http://), due date- An option to alarm at the specified days before the due date. This alarm is mainly for tasks with long/uncertain duration/days. To alarm at a specified time, please use AndAlarm annual(birthday, wedding anniversary) alarm: specify the year with the '*' button.- photo(jpg) editing for illustration: drawing line & text, cropping. It's object-based, the text & lines are moveable & removable.- 'Secret Text Edit', that can be used to store your ID/password, etc, supports anti-peek. The file is encrypted in AES-256.- desktop widget displays the upcoming notes(tasks).- Find the text in the title, comment and content/file name of attachments, incremental search, no 'enter' is needed.- Support export/import as a zip file You can also view the files with a file manager.- classification- non-stop/background speech recording: continue recording when the screen is off or switching to other app
Operating System Android