This app can help to easily split bills and make sure that it can be split fairly.Create bill items and add people to it. Set the item cost and quantity and set who is part of this bill item. The item cost can either be shared equally or split it up into quantity per person.Once you have added all you items, the calculation gives a breakdown of how the item is priced per person then how much it costs for each person.Adjustments can be made such as adding extra costs like tax or deducting discount.You can save the bill on your device and mark when people have paid the amount.There is a list of unpaid and saved bills which are also stored on your device.Ideal uses:- Bar / Restaurant bills- Home and utility costs - can add flatmates to keep track of expenditure- Sports events such as collecting subs for matches.- Any thing that involves dividing costs
Operating System Android
System RequirementsRequires Android 4.1 and up