Pripyat - Radiation and Information

With this free APP you get the current radiationlevels round about the area of the biggest nuclear powerplant accident in the year 1984 in Ukraine.Currently those stations show you the current radiation level:- The Powerplant where the accident happened- The waterponds for cooling the powerplants- Chernobyl City- Pripyat City- The Red Forest- Vehicle Graveyard (*New)- Duga-3 Radar (*New)- Poliske (*New)- Kiew (*New)- Belarus- Vehicle Graveyard- Duga-3 RadarstationWe deliver the current levels and graphics of the last 24 hours, for free. Since December 2017 we get those data from official sources. We thank the ukrainian authorities for the permission to use those sources and put the data into our network. Also a big thank you to the german authorities for radiation protection for the big help.Soon there will be added the media section, where you get interesting stories about the people who lived there. We dont talk about the things after the accident. What was before? How did the people feel? What did they do?This project was made private, there is no advertising and i dont get any money for it. I like to share those informations with you. Of course, i am always waiting for your feedback. (I am a german guy, so if you see some mistakes in my english, please tell me!)Everything was made with muchKeywords:Chernobyl, Tschernobyl, Pripjat, Prypjat, Atomunglck, Radiation, Powerplant, Accident, Explosion, Stalker, Call of Prypjat, Pripyat, Nuclear, Desaster
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