Real Caller : CALLER ID & spam blocking

* Real Caller : Caller id to identify the unknown callers when you receive a call .* Spam blocking : Stop scammer telemarketer by blocking unwanted phone calls .* Number lookup : you can lookup a phone number to find caller id whether domestic phone number or cell number beyond your phone book directory for free ! .* Caller id : the caller id service needs internet connection in order to be functional ,Real Caller will display a popup window during a phone call in order to list caller name or caller info if available .* Real Caller id : helps you know who is calling you from unknown number by display the caller name if exist in Real Caller id phone book directory even if the phone number or cell number not exist in your phone book ,it helps you stop telemarketer and block unwanted calls.* Reverse Lookup : the caller id available in reverse lookup by type a name to lookup the number if available in Real Caller phone directory .subscriptions : you can manage the subscriptions in one of the following ways:1- On Android, open the Google Play Store, then tap Menu > Subscriptions.2-On a computer, go to, then in the left menu click Mysubscriptions.On either Android or a computer, use the URL to open the user's listof subscriptions.# All users must grant needed permissions in order for caller id and call blocking to work properly .Please Note:In comply with Google Play developer policy, below is an explanation of needed permissions.Block call feature:The caller ID or Block call will not work if you don't grant the below permission:android.permission.CALL_PHONEandroid.permission.READ_CALL_LOG (Android 9.0+)- Caller ID: We will access calls information to perform search in our server and get the caller name- Call Blocker: We will access calls information to perform blockSearch feature:To be able to use the search feature, you need to grand the below permission:android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE- the Device ID: In order to properly provide you the search feature, we identify your device by accessing the device id and generating a unique id.Below permission is needed to be able to keep caller id feature functional even after the mobile device is permission is needed to be able to keep caller id and call blocker features functional even if the app was in background for long permission is needed to be able to display the Caller Name info on your device screen when you receive a callcanDrawOverlays
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 40.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.0 and up