TLS Tunnel - Free VPN for Injection

TLS Tunnel uses a simple and closed protocol that we call TLSVPN.TLSVPN generates a unique internal IP for each connected user, this allows the communication between users on the same server, this function is optional and can block through the app settings.All traffic generated between client and server is encrypted with TLS v1.3.Through the App it is possible to customize the start of the connection (we call injection) with a typed connection text (HTTP Standard or anything random), or by setting an SNI to perform handshaking with the server.This is very useful for crossing restrictions imposed by internet providers or any network that you are using during the connection.Authentication on the server happens through the IMEI of the device, ensuring that each IP is unique.You can import and export the connection method settings.The configuration file has the .tls extension, it is an encrypted text file containing all the information that was defined before exporting it except the DNS part and the connection options such as reconnection and internal IP exposure.When exported, you can set a message for who imports and lock it so that the method setting is not visible or editable.It is possible to traffic any connection protocol (TCP / UDP / ICMP / IGMP), everything passes through TLS and runs on the server remotely.
License Free
Version 1.5.61
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 5.0 and up