Get family, friends or co-worker from all over the world? Then this simple and beautiful Android app is a must-have application. Before you schedule a Skype/Whatsapp call with your family or friends, or schedule a meeting with a co-worker in another city, make sure you use this app to select the perfect time for everyone!Features:Convert date and time to multiple timezones.This is particularly useful when you are scheduling a online meeting (or Skype call)with people from different countries.Weekend and night time is clearly indicated.Thinking of scheduling a meeting with some one from New York on Monday morning? It's probably not a good idea if you work in Tokyo. This app solves the problem by clearly show if it's weekday or weekend, and if it's daytime or evening in different timezone.Easily copy time in different timezone for sending emailWhen you find the perfect time for you meeting/Skype call, and you want to send a email to notify everyone about the correct time in their timezone, you can select the timezones and copy paste to your email. Everyone will know when the meeting start in their timezone.Easily send your event to your Calendar appWhen you find the perfect time for you meeting/Skype call, you can send to your Calendar app with one single click.Search timezones with city or country - 500+ cities supported.LondonSan FranciscoSingaporeParisLondonNew YorkTokyo... and many more!
Operating System Android