WOOD Go launcher EX theme

- 4 wood main wallpapers / 4 app drawer wallpapers- 123 wood app icons- 2 dock bar imageJelly bean user NOTICEJelly beans does not seem to list allpaid a GOlauncher theme.Is not the cause in this theme Golauncher.If this occurs, please send email to me.I'm going to explain how to solve.How to use1. apply a theme : menu/themes/click installed/choice theme/press apply button.2. main bg : menu/preferences/visual settings/wallpaper/Go wallpaper/choice one.3. app drawer bg : menu/preferences/visual settings/app drawer backgrouds/go theme backgroud/choice one.4. dockbar bg : menu/preferences/visual settings/dock backgrouds/go theme backgroud/choice one.5. main icon arrangement : menu/preferences/application settings/grid size.6. app drwer arrangement : menu/preferences/application settings/app drawer/grid size.7. icon size : menu/preferences/visual settings/icons/icon size.8. hide dock : menu/preferences/appearances settings/unchecked show dock.* After Go launcher EX installation, press the Home key. And check the Go launcher.
Operating System Android