Wondering why you get low speeds on your WiFi Network? This is the app for you! WiFi SNR is a "Practical WiFi Analyzer" that helps you identify the WiFi performance at different locations in your home or office.Signal-Strength is not the only reason for bad WiFi speeds, as popularly believed. Research indicates that WiFi speed (throughput)depends on Link Speed, Signal-to-Ratio (SNR)and Signal Strength. When a WiFi device (such as your laptop or iPad)is far away from your WiFi Router, the Signal-to-Noise Ratio and Signal-Strength decreases. As a result, your device auto-adjusts the Link Speed to a lower value in order to handle packet loss and interference.This app provides WiFi Link Speed, Signal-to-Noise Ratio and Signal Strength of your WiFi connection. You can easily identify how your WiFi performance changes in different locations (at your home or office).Version 1.2-----------------1. Support for landscape (horizontal screen)mode2. Option to show/hide the text results (to increase the graph viewing area)3. "Help Screens" to describe the technical terminologies4. Improved app stabilityVersion 1.1-----------------1. Provides graphs for WiFi Link Speed, Signal-to-Noise Ratio and Signal Strength of your WiFi connection* Current, Average and Moving Average values2. Customize the Display* Enable/Disable individual Graphs* Enable/Disable Moving Average Graphs3. Customize the Calculations* Set the "Interference Range" to calculate Signal-to-Noise Ratio* Set the "Moving Average" interval
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