Wifi Hotspot Free from 3G, 4G

Wifi Hotspot Free from 3G 4G is wifi hotspot tethering from mobile to computer!With Wifi Hotspot Free you can share your mobile network (2G, 3G, 4G - LTE)to your computer, your laptop, other smartphone or any device is support wifi connection with few click:1. Open app2. Enter your Wifi Name3. Enter your Wifi Password (Password must more than 8 characters and not blank)4. Click START button to start, click STOP button to close your wifi tethering, click USER to see who connecting to you wifi hotspotBroadcasting wifi from your mobile network - GPGS/3G/4G free of your android smartphone - It's easy and total FREETurn your phone into a Wi-Fi base stations, this is a feature available on most Android phones, but you might not know ! Try Wifi Hotspot Tethering now and free.You can connect any device to your wifi base station.Thank you so much!With Wifi Hotspot Tethering Free from 3G, 4G by phone, smartphone, you free to create your personal Hotspot to connect Broadcasting and Wifi Internet device all at once. With wireless transmitting wireless telephone you can share the connection with other phone GPGS/3G/4G, your tablet, laptop, gaming system and other research tools .Your Wi-Fi name and your Wi-Fi password is saved to reuse next time, you don't need to enter them again, it's so easy to you!
License Free
Version 1.2
Operating System Android