White&Pastel go launcher theme

90% Default icons changed of samsung Galaxy S2, LG Optimus 2X, Android default iconsJelly bean user NOTICEJelly beans does not seem to list allpaid a GOlauncher theme.Is not the cause in this theme Golauncher.If this occurs, please send email to me.I'm going to explain how to solve.Source of the Application and icons are linked.So, Applies equally well to app drawer.- 5 pastel color main,app drawer bg- 2 dock bar- 255 app icons (will be update)- SD memory card support.How to use1. apply a theme : menu/themes/click installed/choice theme/press apply button.2. main bg : menu/preferences/visual settings/wallpaper/Go wallpaper/choice one.3. app drawer bg : menu/preferences/visual settings/app drawer backgrouds/go theme backgroud/choice one.4. dockbar bg : menu/preferences/visual settings/dock backgrouds/go theme backgroud/choice one.5. main icon arrangement : menu/preferences/application settings/grid size.6. app drwer arrangement : menu/preferences/application settings/app drawer/grid size.7. icon size : menu/preferences/visual settings/icons/icon size.8. hide dock : menu/preferences/appearances settings/unchecked show dock.* After Go launcher EX installation, press the Home key. And check the Go launcher.
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