WhatSwapp [ROOT]

*** Some devices do not have sqlite3, which is required for the app to work as smoothly properly. I am working on a way to include it in the next version. If your Whatsapp conversations are not being transferred then that is most likely the problem and stay tuned for an update. ***So one of your good friends recently got a new phone number and along with that created a new Whatsapp account with the new phone number. You'd like to keep the old messages with your friend but in order to do that you need to keep the old phone number so that you know who's who in Whatsapp.Now with this app, you can transfer the old messages to be listed under the new number and can delete the old phone number and avoid future confusion.This app requires that the device is rooted and will not work without it.Permissions explained:* android.permission.INTERNET --> ads and anonymous bug tracking using BugSense* android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE --> ads* android.permission.KILL_BACKGROUND_PROCESSES --> stop Whatsapp so that data is refreshed
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