SIM Unlock for Sony Xperia

The "SIM Unlock for Sony Xperia" app was specifically designed to SIM unlock Sony Xperia handsets.Although free to download and install this app relies on a paid service. This it the easiest and safest ways to factory unlock your Sony Xperia.IMPORTANT:Our app is not hacking your phone in order to unlock it. Also it is not requiring special actions (like rooting the handset)that can void your warranty. We are using only the manufacturer recommended routines for your specific model to unlock the phones with genuine codes. This is a professional service and the very same mechanics & codes are used by the carriers or any third-party certified phone service centre.VERY IMPORTANT:- If your Sony Xperia is reported as Stolen/Lost (or the carrier blacklisted it for any other reasons)it will not work in the country of the carrier that banned it. If you are not sure about the situation of your phone please consult our support department before ordering.- Factory unlocking will not solve the carrier ban. This service it is not meant to remove the carrier blacklist so we are strongly advise to not order if your phone is blacklisted. If you still decide to order without consulting us we will not be able to refund your payment. More information about this issue you can find on our website.The IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity)it is world-wide unique number that identifies your very specific handset. This IMEI can be found alongside other system information in the settings menu of your phone.On the manufacturing time, one set of codes is uniquely associated to each IMEI by the maker. These codes are stored in a database and distributed by the carriers and third-party professional services like ours.It is quite easy to order the code for your IMEI, receive it, and perform the final steps of unlocking. There are no technical skills or any hardware involved in the process (e.g. cables, computers, other equipment). You only need a SIM card of a different carrier.The unlocking procedure is taking only a few minutes and it can be performed anywhere (local or abroad)with or without access to the original carrier signal.THINGS TO CONSIDER BEFORE ORDERING:- Make sure that your phone is asking for the network unlocking code when you insert a SIM card of a different carrier.- Make sure that your phone is not hard-locked. If the phone is hard-locked we are not able to assist you. Here you can find more: Currently Sony delivers the codes world-wide (not only our orders)in two weekly batches. Tuesday for orders submitted until Monday and Thursday for orders added until Wednesday.KEEP UP ON "SIM Unlock for Sony Xperia":For tips and other helpful information visit our website and follow us via on Twitter, on Facebook at or Google+ at to all our users for your support and advice! If you are having technical issues or have any questions, email us at or use the help section of the application."SIM Unlock for Sony Xperia" application and online service are not affiliated with or endorsed by any phone maker or carrier. All manufactures and carriers trade names/logos are for reference use only and are in no way connected to our services.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 2.2.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements None