Attention: for the new power source generation TPS/i the successor of WeldWizard is now available: WeldConnect!The free Fronius Weld Wizard app for calculation of welding relevant parameters for persons which are interested in welding technology.Calculation of cross section area and deposition rate- Choice between different weld geometries- Consideration of gaps, reinforcement and spatter lossEnergy input from interpolated parameters- Choice of welding processes- High speed videos of welding processes- Process range of travel and wirefeed speed are estimated in respect to welding process and positionEconomic comparison for manual to automatic welding systems- Costs of investment, labor, shielding gas and filler material- Presentation of Fronius welding systemsFeatures:- Metric and Imperial Calculation- Worksheets can be savedThis App is used for calculating single layer weld seams. The maximum thicknesses of the plates are limited based on realistic possible single layer weld seams.
Operating System Android